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KATO® are the aerospace experts for all lightweight joints.

We’ve been creating ultra-safe, industry-leading wire thread inserts for more than a quarter of a century – but that’s not all, KATO® products are driving lightweighting projects in the industry, increasing fuel efficiency and driving safety and quality excellence.


Airframe: doors, panels, empennage & more

Engines and power plant

Interiors and seating

Landing gear and systems



Free of foreign object debris

Foreign object debris can be severe if not dealt with properly. KATO Tangless® inserts remove this risk entirely: ensuring broken-off tangs are not left to get caught into critical equipment.

Save time and money

KATO’s bi-directional design eliminates the need to orientate inserts for installation, making it quicker and easier to install a thread in a high-strength joint. The Tangless® design speeds this up even further, by removing manual inspection and tang removal processes.

Designed to be resilient

KATO’s diamond-shaped wire designs are designed for resilience – engaging the threads in the parent material and accepting a male fastener, making them intrinsically stronger. Each coil independently adjusts for maximum surface contact, enabling loads to be distributed more evenly.


KATO® is used by the world’s largest aerospace companies, used in applications like cockpit instrumentation, engines and power plant, interiors, fuselage, wings, actuators and pumps.

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