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The debris-free, time-saving wire thread insert that creates strong joints in lightweight materials.

Debris-free. No more tangs.

No more foreign object debris (FOD) in critical systems – no need to retrieve and count tangs.

Time-saving. Install (and remove) inserts in seconds.

A bi-directional innovative notch design that provides engineering precision to speed up installation times. Additionally, the KATO Tangless® design allows for easy adjustment and even damage-free reuse.


Lightweight. Create strong joints in lightweight materials.

KATO® insert design allows each coil to flex independently, creating the greatest amount of contact with the parent material thread surface, improving both static and dynamic load-bearing capabilities. This enables the use of smaller and lighter fastening systems.

Rapid Installation Times

KATO’s bi-directional design and ease of installation of our Tangless® inserts save manufacturers considerable time and production costs. Our wire thread inserts reduce the time needed to orientate the joint, allowing installation from any direction. The installation process that follows is simple – with the use of either manual – air – electric tools, resulting in a 10x speed increase when compared to that of standard Tanged wire thread inserts.

Unmatched reliability

KATO Tangless® wire thread inserts are the most trusted on the market. The lack of Foreign Object Debris (FOD) caused by tang removal eliminates the risk of damage to components after installation or during operation. Our Tangless inserts can also be easily removed or have their depth adjusted with no damage to the parent component. Furthermore, we utilise stringent quality control procedures during the entire manufacturing process to assure a high quality product; guaranteeing component reliability and improving productivity for our customers.

Versatility meets performance

At KATO®, we have high-performing Tangless® wire thread inserts for every shape, size and application. We produce both metric (M2 to M16) and unified (0-80 to 1/2-20) size ranges. The entire range is available in both free running and locking styles with five standard lengths (1D, 1.5D, 2D, 2.5D, 3D). Moreover, we use high-quality materials including Stainless Steel, Nitronic 60, Nimonic 90, Inconel X750, and Phosphor Bronze.

View the KATO Tangless® commercial standards.

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