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Enabling high-strength, lightweight joints in applications from the airframe, engines, and aircraft interiors. KATO® products are manufactured in our AS9100 Rev D accredited facility. Our components are compliant with all relevant industry standards.


Driving fuel efficiency by enabling the use of light alloys, and enabling the future of electric mobility with high strength joints, used across a variety of vehicular systems.


With a range that covers the full range of unified and metric sizes, KATO® wire thread inserts are used throughout the electronics industry, in consumer devices, manufacturing equipment and in automated machinery.


Designed to be resilient, withstand high-amplitude vibrations and corrosion resistant. KATO® products are available in a variety of high-strength materials, including stainless steel and numerous surface finish options.

High quality, industry accredited and fully traceable.

The original innovators behind KATO®. In manufacture since 1987. Original IP developed in 1985.

High quality, accredited and fully traceable.

KATO® products are created using industry-leading quality standards, precision engineering equipment and are rigorously inspected by experts.

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Medical Devices Quality Management

Aviation, Space & Defence

Automotive Quality Management

Environmental Management

Occupational Health Quality Management

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