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KATO® inserts are a versatile and useful tool in the electronics industry.

They enable the creation of strong, durable threads in materials and applications that would otherwise be difficult to work with. Additionally, our inserts allow for design of increasingly smaller joints and connectors, providing efficient and compact electronics.



Printed circuit boards (PCBs)


Electronic housings

Phone and laptop casings


High-strength, ultra-reliable joints from lightweight materials

Our KATO® inserts are expertly crafted to endure heavy loads and vibrations. Our precise design ensures that every coil can expand on its own, resulting in maximum surface contact to evenly distribute the effects of vibrations.

Smaller, lighter and stronger

KATO® inserts are used throughout the electronics industry to reduce size, dimensions and weight. This allows manufacturers to continue in their miniaturisation efforts, all whilst reducing the costs of their materials – without compromising on reliability.

Built to last in the harshest of environments

Semiconductor manufacturers use KATO® wire thread inserts to last in the harshest of environments. KATO® supports manufacturers throughout the global electronics manufacturing industry with wire thread inserts purpose-built to last in challenging environments.

Not just off-the-shelf – bespoke to your application

Enhance the performance of your products with wire thread inserts that are built specifically for your application. Available in unlimited sizes, finishes and materials, KATO’s design engineers are capable of creating one-of-a-kind wire thread inserts that perfectly suit your application.

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