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Inserts from KATO®, available Tanged, Tangless®, and in a variety of materials and surface finishes.

With materials ranging from stainless steel, through to Nimonic 90, Nitronic 60, Inconel X750, Phosphor Bronze and more. Plus, Cadmium plating, Silver plating and Lubricated finishes available across our standard product range.

KATO® Tanged Wire Thread Inserts

The tried, tested and trusted choice. Available in metric (M2 to M16) and unified (0-80 to 1/2-20) size ranges, in both free running and locking styles with five standard lengths. See the full range, materials and finishes.

KATO® Tangless® Wire Thread Inserts

The innovative wire thread inserts that eliminate the risk of foreign object debris (FOD). This design enables the reuse of wire thread inserts, helping industry operate more sustainably. Available in a range of sizes, unified and metric, materials and finishes.

KATO® Taps, Gauges and Tooling

KATO® made equipment for installation and removal. Purpose-built to bolster installation productivity and increase the reliability of installation. See our entire range.

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