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KATO® wire thread inserts are built to withstand heavy loads and vibrations that require high-strength joints.

All to keep railways operational and performing reliably. As rail becomes a more viable alternative to short-distance air travel, efficiency and reliability have become all the more important.


Brake and drive systems

Gearbox couplings and traction motors

Supply units and energy supply

Railcar interior and controls


High-strength, ultra-reliable joints from lightweight materials

KATO® inserts are uniquely designed to deal with heavy loads and vibrations, with our precision design allowing each coil to expand individually to maximise surface contact to spread the impact of vibrations evenly.

Quick installation times, easy to maintain

Spend 10x less time installing inserts with KATO®, but also remove and re-install KATO® inserts with our range of specialist KATO® tooling – making maintenance seamless and quick, keeping rolling stock where it should be: on track.

Solutions for every rail application

KATO® inserts are available in all industry-recognised specifications and standards – in a range of materials, finishes and lengths, all available to meet the requirements of your application.

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