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There’s quality, and then there’s KATO® Quality.

Manufactured with an exceedingly smooth finish that effectively eliminates friction-induced thread erosion. KATO® wire thread inserts are built to stand the test of time, over many cycles.

No one makes stronger joints

Lightweight joints have never been stronger. KATO® helically-coiled fastening devices create permanent, wear-resistant screw threads that exceed the strength of the parent material.

Smooth, rugged and robust

Finished exceedingly smoothly to eliminate friction-induced thread erosion. At just 32 microinches, KATO® fastening devices meet and even exceed the requirements of applicable military, aerospace and commercial standards.

Know-how that knows how

Decades of continuous improvement make KATO® the ultimate solution for high-strength, lightweight joints. Made by Advanex, the leaders in precision engineering, no one is better placed to produce products to KATO® standards.

Leaders in precision engineering

Manufactured by Advanex, the world’s leaders in precision engineering. Manufactured with a Japanese heritage, coupled with advanced machinery that assures quality in every single insert.

Inspected by hand

Yes. Every. Single. Insert. Our dedication to quality is recognised by every major industry quality management standard.


Product in hand faster than anyone. Helping you keep your manufacturing operation lean, efficient and even more productive with our tooling.

Manufactured by

The original innovators behind KATO®. In manufacture since 1987. Original IP developed in 1985.

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