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CoilThread® has rebranded: introducing KATO by Advanex

CoilThread® was the world-renowned brand for reliable, strong wire thread inserts. Owing to their precision manufacture, tight tolerances and diamond wire shape, CoilThread® changed the industry: making high-strength mechanical joints possible with lightweight alloys.

CoilThread® – the insert from Japan that changed everything.

In 2023, CoilThread® became KATO. Advanex, the original manufacturer of CoilThread®, decided to celebrate the brand’s heritage and re-introduce the name of its founder. In April 1930, the company that would become Advanex, the world leader in precision-engineered metallic components, was founded by Mr. Inokichi Kato. In the near-century that has followed, the KATO and Advanex names have become synonymous with industry-leading quality, reliability and manufacturing precision.

What are CoilThread® Inserts?

CoilThread® inserts are strong, precision-engineered, cold rolled wire thread inserts trusted by manufacturers all over the world. The diamond-profile wire thread inserts are available in a range metric and unified (coarse and fine) sizes, both as tanged inserts and the easy-to-install Tangless® design.

CoilThread® Insert Types

Tanged CoilThread® Inserts

Industries such as aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing rely heavily on CoilThread®. It aids in preventing wear and tear, reducing corrosion, and increasing the durability of threaded connections.

Tangless CoilThread® Inserts

With a novel tang-free design, ‘Tangless’ CoilThread® inserts can be inserted and removed without breaking using KATO tooling. The lack of tang improves installation productivity and removes the need for installation and inspection teams to manually remove foreign object debris (FOD) from their components.

The five key advantages of CoilThread® wire thread inserts

  1. Diamond-shaped wire increases the surface contact area between the insert and parent material, which spreads the load more evenly and increases mechanical joint strength.
  2. Helically coiled through cold rolling. CoilThread® wire thread inserts are manufactured to retain their structural integrity, unlike competitor threaded inserts.
  3. Strong design reduces thickness requirements in the parent material. High-strength, premium materials and tight manufacturing tolerances further boost the longevity of CoilThread® wire thread inserts.
  4. Smooth finish to eliminate friction-induced erosion. Maximising contact surface area with a smooth finish.
  5. Global delivery and distribution network. Manufactured across Europe, Asia, and North America, CoilThread® inserts are available with fast lead and delivery times to get them in your hands quickly.

CoilThread® Inserts – Available from KATO® by Advanex

Discover the full range of CoilThread® by Advanex products by downloading the KATO brochure. Delve into the world of precision-engineered CoilThread® inserts and learn how our rebranded solutions can meet your needs.

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What materials are CoilThread® inserts manufactured in?

CoilThread inserts can be crafted from materials such as Phosphor Bronze, 304 Stainless Steel, Nitronic 60®, and Nimonic 90® among others.

What are the 4 main benefits of using CoilThread® inserts?

The main benefit of using CoilThread® inserts are their ability to distribute the weight-bearing load evenly through the thread. Due to their diamond-shaped wire, they provide superior structural integrity from their helically coiled design, increased longevity due to high-strength materials, and a smooth finish that reduces friction-induced erosion.

How many types of CoilThread® inserts are there?

CoilThread® inserts come in two main types: Tanged CoilThread® Inserts and Tangless CoilThread® Inserts. They are available in both metric and unified sizes, catering to a wide range of industry requirements.

What are the applications of CoilThread® inserts?

CoilThread® inserts have found favour across various industries, including aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing. They help prevent wear and tear and extend the life of threaded connections.

What makes a good wire thread insert?

The ideal thread insert depends on your specific needs. CoilThread® inserts are sought-after for their precise manufacture, strength, and versatility in terms of sizes and materials.