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KATO® Tanged

  • The original helically-coiled wire thread insert that is trusted by thousands of blue chip manufacturers in automotive, aerospace and beyond.
  • Continuously improved, refined and iterated upon since 1987.
  • Available in unified and metric sizes, a wide range of materials and industry-leading protective finishes.

KATO Tangless®

  • The Tangless® innovation by KATO® that saves time in installation, inspection and quality control.
  • Designed to eliminate foreign object debris (FOD), making these inserts reusable, waste-free and imperative as manufactures seek sustainable alternatives.
  • Engineered for versatility, making them a high-performing, reusable option for gold-standard manufacturers.

KATO® Tooling

  • Purpose-built tooling for precision, high-speed installation for every application volume.
  • Available in fully automated, semi-automatic and manual hand-tool configurations for all manufacturing setups.
  • As used everyday by some of the world’s most respected, high-quality manufacturers, spanning the globe.

KATO® Brochure

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Why choose KATO®?

Uncompromising quality.

Crafted by purpose-built machinery, inspected individually by our experts. KATO® products are made in medical-grade production facilities, to automotive, aerospace and internationally recognised quality management standards.

Product-in-hand, faster.

Our operating principles are guided around speed, ensuring manufacturers have product-in-hand just in time. The unique product design that KATO® users have come to know enables quick installation, all while increasing joint strength.

Continually innovating.

KATO® wire thread inserts are the most innovative on the market. Through decades of continuous improvement and product development, KATO® Tanged and Tangless® inserts enable lighter, stronger designs that last longer.

Great value.

KATO® offers exceptional value to manufacturers. With competitive pricing, short lead times, and a full range of metric and unified sized solutions, we’re able to provide market-leading value to customers.

KATO® Brochure

Get to know the best inserts and tooling on the market.

Created to the highest standards.

KATO® products are created using industry-leading quality standards, precision engineering equipment and are rigorously inspected by experts.

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Medical Devices Quality Management

Aviation, Space & Defence

Automotive Quality Management

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